Thursday, February 21, 2008

resonating essences

There's something that happens when you meet people who share your life philosophy...even in the Truth, we can be so similar and yet so different. All beautiful, but some essences are more attractive than others. I've always been into deep thinkers, people who have a mission, a value system that wants and works for more.

Today I met this awesome couple, both regular pioneers, and they were so refreshing! I kept thinking, we are so similar, we could be blood. We got into this long conversation about what it takes to maintain your joy amid issues and problems. I wonder, if I put in a request, could I make them my LITERAL brother and sister? I guess, having 2 DF's siblings, even at the age of 27, I gravitate towards older bros and sisters I can interact with on a TRUE family level. No pretenses, just being real.

Being a perfumer, I tend to explain and understand things in terms of scent...

Some conversations are like alcohol...An alcohol based perfume evaporates quickly, dries the skin, and is quickly forgotten. Sometimes, I meet really spiritual brothers, beautiful men. But there's nothingthat draws me. The conversation is banal, cliched, and superficial. And at times, when you go a little deeper, you sense that either you are a bit too deep, or a bit too serious. Granted, no one wants a perpetual heavy, you have to laugh sometime. But that constant goofiness, with nothing substantive being said...just humor...I find it grating. People assume I'm quieter than I really am...but what it really is is, I have nothing to contribute at times. Not that I'm not thinking, but having thoughts pass through my head, and being invested in the moment can at times be two different things. Its almost like, the conversation is so insignificant, its not worth it to add anything to it. I'm not of the mind that its done on purpose, we are just so programmed to be superficial, minimal and rushed, that it doesn't even occur to us to forge something deeper.

But an oil-based fragrance, ah, that's what that couple is like. Deep conversation, gives you a reason to engage, to think, to interact, to contribute. Oils are like that, they resonate. The scent of an oil lasts long after the conversation is over, you remember that person, because something about them touches you. All I know, is I feel blessed to have met them. Seems like I'm meeting the most awesome people lately.

I am too affected by! I can't just see a flower, I have to bend down to smell it...I guess that's fine on a clear day, but I hope I have the good sense to keep on trucking if its raining...ok, no, I don't have the good sense to do

K. Gotta finish working online...can't believe there are other people up at 2am.

oh and, almost forgot...the undercover why a blog

Alright, alright…so today, I didn’t get much response in my ministry. One sweet little lady wanted to invite me in for cookies…3 hours after I worked my butt off at the gym…no thank you, lady. LOL She was really sweet though. I have a thing for older people anyway, they have so much more to teach me…

So, finally, after much thought…and egging on from my friends who have blogs. I decided to put one up. I realize that I haven’t been good with keeping in touch with all of you, especially my Canada peeps (love you Logan!). So, every now and then…I’ll post something. I can’t guarantee it’ll be every day or even every week, but if I feel inspired and something awesome does happen. I can let you all in on it at once…deal? Good, glad we got that squared away.